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WTG Heating

WTG Heating Engineering Ltd built its first trailer-mounted mobile unit in 1995 in response to a customer’s urgent need for a temporary heating solution.

Our first unit, Mobile 1, (designed and built in a hurry by Richard Johnston) may have been a bit ‘Heath Robinson’ish, but it worked so well, the customer told us “they’d never had their heating work so well.

Our next project was a static heating unit, providing heat for a hospital department over a three-year period.

As our interest in the supply of compact, mobile solutions increased, we started building more boiler units to cater for our customers’ bespoke heating needs and individual site requirements.

Our smallest trailer-mounted unit, Mobile 4, was built for a project where space was at a premium – this provides 170 kW of heating or hot water within a tiny footprint of 2.94 m². Our latest project is to add a 50kW unit to our fleet. Much more compact than our trailer-mounted units, this can be 'installed' within our customers' premises for further convenience.

Deciding to concentrate on the niche market of compact, versatile and completely trailer-mounted boiler units, we have grown our fleet on a more regulated yet flexible design so that our units will provide heating and/or hot water in a variety of circumstances.

About WTG

WTG Heating has many years’ experience within the commercial heating industry, including sales, customer service, boiler servicing & commissioning, engineering and design having previously worked for several major commercial boiler manufacturers.

Our units are all designed and constructed by our own engineers in our dedicated workshop and connected by standard flexible hoses and standard fittings to existing heating/hot water pipework. We offer site surveys free of charge and give advice on the best solution to your heating/hot water requirements.

Our units are available for short- or long-term hire, for emergencies, or for planned works. 

We pride ourselves on our rapid response to enquiries and our unique level of customer service and this is demonstrated by the number of customers that keep coming back to us. See just some of our testimonials on our 'What they said' page...

Whatever your heating emergency, call us on 01582 485202